Stop living your life around your joint pain!

● That pinch in your golf swing.
● The dull throb when you write.
● The shooting pain you feel when you run.
● The dread you feel when your workout calls for max effort.

These feelings no longer have to define you.

Frankly New Joints is dedicated to erasing joint pain from your life without the crux of surgery or prescription pills. One simple injection can change the way you live. Through stem cell therapy we can teach your joints to repair the damage caused by years of stress and degeneration. Once considered unconventional, regenerative medicine is blazing the path of cutting edge science with proven results.

What is regenerative medicine?

This phrase refers to an area of medicine that utilizes stem cells to repair and replace damage within the body rather than the clinical approach that focuses on treating the symptoms. By introducing new stem cells we are able to jump start the repair network that already exists in your body.

Is it right for me?

If your goal is to be pain free and start living a healthier lifestyle then this process has the potential to help you. Schedule your consultation and we can sit down evaluate your health and your specific needs and go from there. We don’t expect you to walk into this process without finding the right fit. Our focus is on better health today for a happier life tomorrow.

Why stem cells?

Stem cells and regenerative medicine seek to fix the pain and discomfort you’re having at the source instead of just trying to address or even mask the symptoms. We are tired of seeing patients going down different avenues only to not get the results they are looking for. We are here to change the way people address pain.

Here's what others have to say...


Exceptional service from Frank! He was personable, knowledgeable and helpful. He addressed all my needs and I was very pleased with my results upon departure. I highly recommend visiting Frank as he is the consummate professional.

Christian ~ Collegiate Athlete


“Frankly New Joints helped me tremendously!  As a retired firefighter I’ve dealt with chronic pain, from on the job injuries, for years.  I tend to get flare ups from time to time.  I don’t like taking pain medicine, so I’ve always tried to manage without.  But, I was in severe pain for several days during a flare up, when I finally went to the emergency room to get help.  They ran tests and sent me home with little to no help and a prescription for pain meds (hydrocodone).  Again, I am not a fan of taking pain meds and felt discouraged.  Pain medication has always felt like a band aide covering up the real issue, not to mention the side effects.  That’s where Frankly New Joints came in.  Frank was interested in my situation, he took the time to hear my story and get the history of my past injuries. I could tell he genuinely cared about helping me and the treatment was a game changer. My pain went away and I no longer need to take pain meds.  I haven’t had pain since seeing Frank.  The care and customer service was amazing!  I highly recommend Frankly New Joints to anyone with joint pain, issues and discomfort.  They can help and truly care about you!”

Jennifer ~ Retired Firefighter

How are we responding to COVID-19 and our patients?

Frankly New Joints is taking every precaution to ensure our patients safety in the face of this pandemic. We will comply with the most current CDC guidelines to include:

● All staff and clients will be required to wear a face covering.
● All staff will conduct daily health checks.
● All clients will be pre-screened before appointments.
● Social distancing will be utilized in waiting areas.