About Brandon Lawrence


Brandon Lawrence MD

A doctor that loves helping people. It is easy enough to picture, but Doctor Brandon Lawrence truly epitomizes that ideology. In college Brandon was still finding his own path, but one volunteer event at a local hospital was all it took to ignite his passion. The idea that he could truly help people and make a difference in their lives encouraged him to pursue his medical degree. As anyone in the medical field will tell you, the path is grueling, but the reward has been well worth it. Even in his early years Dr. Lawrence promoted the importance of health and fitness. Being able to compete in sports such as basketball and cross country allowed him to see first hand how a well maintained body helps to decrease stress and add balance to your life. By encouraging his patients to be physically fit and mentally healthy he hopes to help them live their best lives. Part of health and wellness is body maintenance, Dr. Lawrence hopes to mitigate the need for surgical options and help the body to heal itself. Working as a doctor he has seen first hand the changes your life can take when your body works against itself, and while sometimes surgery is the only option, he wants to change people's lives before it gets to that point. Dr. Lawrence hopes to encourage his patients to address every facet of their health and wellness, not just the pain that is plaguing their lives, “we are here to help in all aspects of your health and wellness.” By exploring the possibilities created through stem cell research Dr. Lawrence hopes to benefit society as a whole and change the way we approach pain management.