Compassion in Healthcare

Life Mission: “To help as many people as I can while enjoying this life”

I’ve been fortunate to have a non-biased view when joining the healthcare field. I began my health care career as a registered nurse in psychiatry, bedside, ICU and ER with various
hospitals across the valley. The amount of loving and caring individuals I have met in the healthcare system is too many to list and this has provided hope that I can continue to carry the torch forward. The ability to provide an individual and their friends and family an increase in quality of life is vital to my life mission. Currently a nurse practitioner in multiple settings including internal medicine, emergency medicine and urgent care setting has propelled my ability to see the need patients have for real change.

This business that Brandon Lawrence MD and myself have created is to instill relief from what problems you have. At the start, the focus is to improve movement and pain for people to enjoy their life to the fullest. “We will not give up on you, if you do not give up on us”. There is a way to provide results driven care, make a profit and give back to the community. During a tumultuous time during COVID, this may not seem the best time to start a business, however we feel the need is there. Please reach out to us and the many various endeavours we are establishing with the intention to improve your life.

Much love,
Francis Levandowski III FNP-C