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My Story

Frankly new joints is a veteran owned health care practice specializing in a non-surgical approach to alleviating joint pain through the use of stem cell therapy, plasma rich protein (PRP), and steroid injections in Scottsdale Arizona. Nearly 15 million people report feeling joint pain* for arthritis alone and we understand that pain shouldn’t decide your life for you.

At age 17 Frank graduated as an EMT to follow in his family’s footsteps as a firefighter, but he realized that his urge to help people hadn’t been fully realized. At age 20 he joined the Air Force solidifying many of the core values he has instilled into his business integrity, discipline, and an unyielding will to not give up. Frank finally found himself in health care where his talents really shone through. 

As a new nurse practitioner he dove headlong into an area that would allow him to learn more even working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a nurse practitioner Frank saw too many patients who were not seeing the results they wanted through options such as surgery and medications.

Stem cell injections provide an outside of the box approach providing real solutions to joint pain. Frank has endeavored to offer a patient first approach to health care by utilizing the rejuvenating effects of stem cells and his extensive knowledge of fitness and diet to give patients the opportunity to live their best life free of pain.

Frank was introduced to fitness at a young age. Whether working out with his parents, competing for the local basketball team, or just helping with chores the importance of unhindered mobility was an afterthought that anyone could take for granted. As life progressed something as easy as his old jump shot became a painful conversation. “I’ve been in a major car accident, crashed on four wheelers, a trauma victim twice, and fallen out of a moving lifted truck. 

I can honestly say I know what ten out of ten pain feels like. Broken pelvis, snapped collar bone, labrum tears, rotator cuff tears, at one point there were five weeks where I couldn’t walk.” Frank realized that by maximizing the body’s ability to heal itself that his own life didn’t have to be dictated by pain.

Currently in the best shape of his life Frank believes that his approach to regenerative health, diet, and exercise has the ability to transform his patients life for the better.

What We Treat

Frankly New Joints utilizes Wharton Jelly stem cells from an FDA approved lab to treat the pain associated with a multitude of age, sports, or degenerative injuries. This is just a small example of what we treat.

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Francis Levandowski III MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Arthritis - Rheumatoid, osteo, etc.

Golfers elbow, runners knee, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis

Pain: Neck, shoulder, wrist, foot, elbow, legs, arms, hands, back

Sports and other injuries

We are dedicated to proven solutions to end joint pain.