Stem cell injections

We inject Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) into the afflicted area. The MSC are then utilized to repair the area in conjunction with the stem cells and assigned cells that already exist within your body. This type of treatment has yielded the best results

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Steven Bell

PRP injection

Platelet rich plasma injections consist of a concentration of the patient’s own plasma that is withdrawn and then placed into afflicted areas. This accelerates the healing process instead of waiting for the body to build up the necessary platelets in that area.

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Steven Bell

Hyaluronic acid

Normal synovial fluid contains a substance present throughout the body’s soft tissues. It helps lubricate your joints. If you have osteoarthritis, your supply of synovial fluid has thinned. The procedure is a simple injection into the problem joint.

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Steven Bell

What does it feel like?

All of these treatments are considered low pain especially when compared to options such as surgery. The shots are similar as well if not slightly more painful than a flu shot. Like any shot, there could be some tenderness and slight swelling at the injection site which is completely normal.

Why we don’t use insurance?

By not tiptoeing around insurance we have much more control over the pricing options we are able to offer. In the healthcare community insurance oftentimes forces clinics and hospitals to drive up prices based on what insurance covers and doesn’t cover. Our choice to not accept insurance means that you will get the most competitive pricing for the products and treatments you are receiving. Currently the stem cells provided are not covered by insurance companies to date.

Free diet analysis with consultation

Another aspect of health that we like to evaluate is our patients’ diet. Diet plays a huge role in how our body functions on a day to day basis. Whether you fall into keto and low carb or plant based and vegan we want to ensure everyone of our patients is receiving what they need to make their body perform the way that best fits their lifestyle. That is why when you come in for a consultation we will also include a diet analysis and recommendation plan to move forward.

Let’s work together to find out what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Click here and sign up for a consultation!