Walk the Walk

As a provider I hate seeing patients in pain and not living their best life. My personal obsession with helping others is where my thirst for knowledge came from. I will list some injuries, so patients understand that I am on both sides of the exam table. As someone who is going to lead by example, I will personally be participating in stem cell usage and documenting my journey. I believe one of the biggest failures in medicine is being able to relate to the patient and walk the walk. My first stem cell injection will be in my right shoulder that has a torn rotator cuff and arthritis involvement. Due to this injury I am limited in exercises, have pain daily and it lowers my quality of life. Soon we will be witnessing the amazing results stem cells can provide together.

  • Injuries-
  • Broken collarbone
  • 5 concussions
  • 3 broken bones in pelvis
  • Sprained right ACL
  • Torn right rotator cuff
  • Arthritis in bilateral knees and shoulders
  • Chronic back pain lumbar region
  • Trauma patient 2x (flown out by helicopter once)

Much love,
Frank III NP